Monday, July 4, 2011

Independence day delights

It has been a whopping 3 months since the last post - gasp! No excuses, just a lack of creativity in my cooking. However, with today being a holiday I decided to go all out. This 4th of July's foods are brought to you by none other than my favorite Martha. Both of these recipes were taken from Martha's website, and (per usual) they didn't fail me!
First we have some barbecued baby back ribs. These were fall of the bone amazing. Enough said. You can find the recipe HERE

For dessert, Noah darling requested strawberry shortcake, but while perusing the interwebs, I discovered THIS fabulous recipe. I like strawberries better than raspberries, so I replaced the raspberry ingredients (ie fresh raspberries, jam) with it's straw counterparts. The fun part was making homemade whip cream! It was very easy, just whipping some heavy cream and a little sugar. The result was a much creamier, less sugary version of the store bought whip cream. For the pound cake, I just chose an original pound cake recipe out of my handy dandy BH&G Cookbook.

Overall this was a fabulous summery meal, celebrating Independence Day! What did you all eat today, anything good?


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