Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Banana and Sweet Potato Muffins

Let's be honest here, this is a lazy post. Here are the reasons:
1. These were made for a work "baking contest". (adorable idea, yet would seem to be a health hazard?) I could have done something that would have actually had a shot at winning (ie some delightfully piped and decorated cupcake), but instead I opted out of buying any additional items at the grocery and sticking with what I have.
2. I'm not even going to type out the recipe! Instead, I'll save yourself and myself the time by referring you to the creator and originator of this recipe HERE. The only thing I changed was the topping - I did a brown sugar topping instead of the toasted nuts. I like nuts, but not in baked items.
3. This recipe would be great for a lazy afternoon, sitting on the couch, enjoying the lack of...well...anything but this delicious, wonderful baked delight!
4. I'm in the middle of a 50 hour work week and I frankly don't want to put more effort into my baking as I have to. So there! : )


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