Thursday, November 25, 2010

Martha's Old Fashion Apple Pie

Hi hello! It has been nearly 2 months since the last post (gasp!). I've been lacking in the creativity department, but fortunately Thanksgiving forced me to get back to the kitchen! I was asked to bring a dessert for thanksgiving, so I thought I would go with a nice, traditional favorite. Naturally I look to Martha Stewart for her recipe. I stuck to it almost exactly, but I switched out the cloves for nutmeg, and I ended up only needing 5 or six apples instead of the suggested 8. It's a really good idea to do half sweet apples and half tart. That way you get the best of both worlds!

I've only made pastry dough a few times, and if you've never made your own dough before, fear not! Just be patient. For a pie crust, always use COLD butter and don't skimp on cooling it. The cold butter cut into the flour is what gives pie crusts their flakiness. I try not to be flaky, but I surely do want my pies to be.

Enjoy (and happy Thanksgiving!)

RECIPE for Martha Stewart's Old Fashion Apple Pie


  1. GOOD FOR YOU for making your own crust!!!!! I was too crunched for time when I made my pie :( The recipe you used is very similar to mine!

  2. It was definitely time consuming, so I don't blame you! My kitchen floor was covered in flour by the time I was done ... : )