Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Chocolate and Pumpkin Whoopie Pies

I know that macarons and whoopie pies have been all the rage in the baking world for the past few months, but I just haven't really gotten into them. I guess I never hopped on the sandwiched cookie trend train in the beginning, but here I am! I was supposed to make a dessert for a work picnic, and I wanted to find something fun. So, where do I look to find inspiration? Martha! And, of course, it didn't fail! I found this delightful little recipe that allowed me to make a fall-inspired, fun cookie...or pie...whoopie!

These little cuties are a mix between a cake and an cookie. The texture of the cookie is more like that of a cake, but the shape reminds you of a cookie. I'm pretty much in love with the pumpkin filling. It's a wonderful taste of fall, and really satisfying. I found the recipe HERE. The only thing I changed was that it only took 10 minutes to bake. For real! So fast!


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